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Decision making and problem solving in the business world is a complex procedure that combines several factors of knowledge and experience. Pretty much like a foreman, having a tool for every job, the consultant carries with him the technical knowledge needed to solve a wide range of problems, whether they are operational, or financial in nature.

Most companies are constantly trying to organize and improve the performance of their activities and departments. In doing so, sales and marketing, human resources, operations, finance and research become more efficient over time, bringing the company closer to gain a competitive advantage. This is a crucial moment for every company, where the need of an external consultant becomes clear, someone who can provide key guidance and solutions to achieve the aforementioned competitive advantage faster and more efficiently, through his experience, academic knowledge and ability to conduct business research.

The present economic conditions leave little room for growth, so survival has become the primary goal for many companies. Many of which are unable to react to the decreasing sales and cash inflows, however bankruptcy can be avoided, through exports, change of direction and reduction of operations to a more viable size. Models and techniques to avoid some of the consequences of the economic crisis have been developed and successfully implemented by many major companies. With our help, you can take advantage of all these features.


Indicative Consulting Services:                                                


• Business modeling
Budgets - Cash flows
Finance Department Supervisory
Costing Analysis Functions
Investment planning               








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