Company Profile

Our company is located in city of Kavala, in northeastern Greece, just 90km away from the Bulgarian boarder and 180km from the Turkish border. We offer consulting services for more than 30 years across a wide range of business types in the region, Papaioannou & Co is one of the most renowned companies in the field, a synonym to reliability and high quality services.


Our ability to provide consulting services, that protects the investments of our clients and improves their operations, comes from years of experience in decision making and continuous study of developments and legislation. Daily communication, well-timed and valid problem solving and excellent technical infrastructure makes us a valuable ally to any business.


We support medium to large companies, of any form or type and share with our clients the desire for a productive cooperation. We provide a broad range of tax, accounting and consulting services, with a team of executives and external partners, able to face the challenges presented in a competitive business environment.



Averof Str. 4 Kavala - Greece

Zip Code 65403

Phone: +30 2510. 225010